Omega Survival School

San Angelo, TX

Omega Survival School is not your average leisure course. Omega Survival School is taught by experienced instructors and focuses on a number of different arts and disciplines. These skills include primitive skills, self reliance, survival and bushcraft. The goal is to get students excited about topics like how to survive in the wilderness, self reliance and how to make it in the great outdoors with the bare minimum.

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Our Courses

Want to teach your child the basics of how to survive in the wilderness? Take a look at our courses! We have a number of awesome courses, taught by experienced instructors who have undergone extensive survival training. Perfect for you and perfect for your child.

Read up on our Basic Turbo course, perfect for a family day trip in the wild. You will cover a number of topics, such as how to build a fire primitively, how to find water in desert conditions and how to make shelter.

Interested in getting certified? Choose from any of our certification courses. You will spend a few days in the woods learning about the principles of wild medicine, the kind of mindset you need in order to survive, how to create shelter, find water and much more. There are a number of items you will need to bring, so check out our classes page and make sure that you get all that you need in advance. For questions regarding the courses or the required items, give Omega Survival School a call now! 

We are now contributors for P2 Survival! Click the logo below to learn more about P2 Survival.

Free Camp out for Wounded Warriors

Omega Survival School proudly supports our veterans