Advanced Certification

Price: $500
Meeting Location for All Courses: 700 Commerce St., Robert Lee, TX 76945

The Advanced Course is the capstone of the Omega Survival School System. If you are looking to test yourself, please look no further. This is a student-driven class, where each course will vary slightly. The Advanced Certification is a four-day training cycle. You should prepare to spend three nights at the training area and hike several miles a day.

In this challenging course, students will bring their top three items from Dave Canterbury's, "10 C's of Survivability" and nothing else. The entire class will subsist only on what we find in the training area. We will eat, live, and sleep as a tribe.

You Will Learn:

How to deal with the stresses of an actual survival situation. This is a true course of self-discovery, and you will learn how to work with a small team in extremely difficult circumstances. Students are encouraged to share knowledge and truly develop a tribal mindset. New and old skills will constantly be tested. This is a graded class in which you must perform skill tests to pass. Students must show mastery of 80% of tested material to earn certification.

  1. Your top three, "10 C's" items.
  2. A trowel, spade, entrenching tool, or packable shovel.
  3. Biodegradable, "Camp" toilet paper.