Basic Certification

Price: $300 Each
Meeting Location for All Courses: 700 Commerce St., Robert Lee, TX 76945

Day 1

  • Safety Brief followed by hike to training camp.
  • Survival Mindset and Kit Mentality discussion followed by gear dump. A group discussion on items carried by attendees.
  • Fire - Fire lays and their different purposes, flint & steel method, and creating char cloth.
  • Water - Finding water in desert conditions, methods of purification, stills and transpiration bags.
  • Shelter - Tarp shelters, improvised shelters, and principles of thermoregulation and homeostasis.
  • First Aid - Principles of self and buddy aid, and introduction to Wild Medicine and Edibles.
  • Introduction to Land Navigation using the P.A.U.L (Positive Azimuth Uniform Line) method and night navigation using heavenly bodies.
  • Fireside Q&A, practice/remediation time.

Day 2

  • Intro to wild edibles.
  • Methods of signal and rescue.
  • Make-up of deliverables.

  • 1 - Carbon Steel Knife with 90 degree spine and full tang. The Condor Kephart is a winner in my book. (https://www.condortk.com/productos-detalle.php?producto=92&cat=71)
  • 1 - Redundant cutting tool ie: Multi-Tool, Camp Axe, folding saw etc
  • 1 - Ferro Rod (https://www.lightmyfire.com/)
  • 1 - (Minimum) Stainless Steel bottle with nesting cup used to boil water in -OR- 1 (Minimum) Canteen with Canteen Cup
  • 1 - 8ft by 7ft (Or larger) poly tarp -OR- clear painter's drop cloth
  • 1 - 1lb roll of #36 tarred bank line. (Found at Wal-Mart) - OR- 1 - 100ft roll of 550 cord
  • 2 - Gallon size baggies
  • 2 - 55 Gallon drum liners (3 mil) https://www.thepathfinderstore.com/55-gal-drum-liner/
  • 2 - 3ft by 3ft 100% Cotton Material or 100% Cotton Bandanna
  • 1 - Roll Gorilla Brand Duct Tape
  • 1 - Headlamp with extra batteries
  • 1 - Set of note taking gear
  • 1 - Compass with rotating Bezel Ring
  • 1 - Set of Safety Goggles or Glasses
  • 1 - Pair of leather gloves
  • 1 - Safety Whistle

Wear appropriate clothing for weather and training environment. Bring anything else you think you need for a 72 hour survival situation excluding firearms, projectile weapons, or any other weapons.

Please Note: No food will be provided. Bring enough to last you for the duration of training. Water will be provided. If you do not have the required items, and they must be used to pass an event, you may be kept from participating. This could affect your chances at certification.