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Erin M.

I took the Basic Turbo and it was awesome! The information was well paced and laid out with examples, the instructions were easy to understand and Brandon was patient and encouraging the whole way! Parts were frustrating, but more because I didn't know how to move the right way (like starting fire with the bow).

The best part of this trip was finding out how much I don't know. It really woke me up and showed me how much effort and patience it takes to do some of the stuff necessary for survival (and how you don't get a huge return right away - like the leaf-water).

The part I didn't like was the sun - I brought lots of sunscreen (no sunburn!) but no hat. Also, I'd advise bringing Gatorade (or electrolyte mix) as well as water because I sweated all the sweat.

I'm definitely taking the next coarse up, but maybe after I build up some more physical endurance

Carol W.

You must take this course! My husband and I just completed our Basic Certification. It was a thorough, well-paced combination of lecture (outdoor classroom), demonstration, hands-on practice with supervision, and independent experience. Whether you are a novice or an experienced outdoorsman, you will gain or improve your skills.

You'll get hot (at least in July), tired, and dirty. This is a great way to reconnect with nature and appreciate the abundant resources available to us if we just know where to look. There is not a lot of down time - this is not a relaxing day around the campfire. You are not going to observe nature, you are going to be part of it. Every activity was designed to help us learn and succeed, and it was all fun! Even if you do not master every skill, you WILL learn and feel empowered. I can't tell you details of what to expect, because you need to have your own experience without preconceived ideas, so that it will be more meaningful and memorable to you.

The hardest thing you will do is go home and unpack your gear. It will smell like smoke (from the fire that YOU started!) and you will wish you were back at the campsite! You will think about how to repack for your next trip out and what to put in your Tier 1 bag (Don't know what that is? Take the course!).

At the least, you should learn to appreciate our modern world and the many conveniences most of us take for granted. Hopefully, you renew or gain an appreciation for the natural world around us that we whiz by in our day-to-day busyness. At the most, you will take away skills that may save a life someday.

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