$500 Per Phase

Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Primitive Skills, Escape and Navigation Techniques. This is a course designed to review survival training and augment skills already owned by the student. This is a two-phase training cycle, with Phase 1 focusing on survival skills, advanced navigation skills, tracking and counter-tracking techniques. Phase 2 focuses on being captured, resisting interrogation and exploitation. You will also learn to break out of several types of restraints including zip-ties, duct tape and handcuffs.

Both Phases are 5 days each, and you will undergo food, water, and sleep deprivation in each phase. More information to come.

Survival Bow Making

This course will teach you how to make two field expedient bows to use in a survival situation. These bows are reliable and powerful enough to procure meat for your fire, and to defend yourself and loved ones.

While attending this class you will make both a Bundle Bow, and a Sapling Bow from materials gathered on site. You will also learn how to make field expedient arrows. This is a single day course

Required Items:
1 - Hatchet or saw and a knife.
1 - Pair Leather gloves
1 - Set of safety glasses or goggles.

This is a great introduction to blacksmithing and leatherwork. You will learn how to make a Viking pattern knife, and a flint & steel striker.

Day 1 will focus on shaping your knife, and striker. Learning to temper your knife and striker to their individual appropriate hardness. You will leave with a knife, and striker ready to heat treat.

Required Items:
Leather Gloves
Safety Glasses

Restraint Escape Workshop

Omega Survival School teamed up with the Martial Arts experts at Target Hardening to create a program which will make you harder to become a victim of any kind of assault. You will learn tried and true techniques, which will give you the skills to fight off any attacker. If the worst should happen and you become a victim of abduction, Omega Survival School brought their Urban Survival expertise to the table which will teach you how to escape from an illegal detention situation.

You will learn:
*Simple techniques to fight of various attackers in almost any situation.
*How to escape from common restraints such as zip-ties, duct tape, and rope.